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Introducing Indonesia’s Top Health-Tech Platform: Halodoc

Have you ever feel unwell, but you got to go to the hospital? Yet you still have to encounter traffic congestion and a long hospital waiting time with lengthy queues? By using Halodoc, you can obtain healthcare effortlessly in no time! Halodoc is an Indonesian health-tech platform that links patients with licensed professional doctors, pharmacies, labs, and insurance inContinue reading “Introducing Indonesia’s Top Health-Tech Platform: Halodoc”

Personalised beauty products? The future of digital marketing is here!

Isn’t it stressful to find your perfect beauty products? Because I sure did! Since we all have different types of hair and skin, sometimes products bought off the shelf doesn’t work for us. Therefore, business nowadays creates personalised products where customers are asked to fill out a survey. An example of a personalised beauty brandContinue reading “Personalised beauty products? The future of digital marketing is here!”

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